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2.5" Logo Sticker

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  • 2.5" Logo Sticker

Born from chaos that itself was born from chaos, the Society for Internet Blaseball Research has existed as long as time itself. The Society was always there, watching, waiting for the moment that an indie game company would accidentally create an online splorts phenomenon worthy of the Society's attention. The splort of prophecy has arrived, and the Society has awoken. A new era of statistics awaits, one that will be hopefully immortalized by a best-selling non-fiction book by Michael Lewis and film starring Brad Pitt.

The symbol of this new age has appeared, etched in printed on 2.5" circles on the prophesized vinyl. Like all sigils, this icon has power: you can put it on a laptop to show off to your friends. "I think your sticker has a typo," they'll say, because they are blind to the truth inherent to this world. Laugh at them. Then link them to this shop, so they can get a sticker too.

The first round of the SIBR Stickers! Shipping now!

  • High-quality 2.5" round vinyl stickers
  • Printed on matte vinyl
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